Thomas Petty was born in Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Germany in 1995.

His family quickly moved back to the states where he grew up in Texas. Where he spent most of his time outdoors connecting with nature and creating art. This passion for art has continued throughout his life,

continually creating through high school. In Fall 2018 Thomas 

received a BFA in Communication Design from Texas State University. Choosing his love of art, he decided not to pursue a design career.   

  After graduating Thomas had the chance to work for Gil Bruvel,

producing art and learning as much as possible in relation to being

an artist. Thomas has had many other great learning opportunities

that have fueled his pursuit of art. Including producing monumental

bronze sculpture at a foundry in Grapevine, and his current work in

art restoration. Near where he lives in the Dallas Fort-worth metroplex. 

  His own artwork revolves around the framework of nature, built of

many shapes and patterns. These repetitive forms can be found from

micro to macro scale allowing for endless connections seen and unseen. Together ultimately making up our reality and setting the stage of our

human experience. Thomas seeks to show these connections

to his viewers. To find the related elements that exist all around us.

Thomas looks at science and nature for inspiration. He heavily references sacred geometry for its significance in organic forms and ancient history.