Thomas Petty was born in Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Germany in 1995. Growing up in Texas he spent most of his time outdoors exploring nature and creating art. In Fall 2018 Thomas received a BFA in Communication Design from Texas State University. Currently residing in Denton, Texas he continues to pursue making fine art in multiple mediums. 

  His artwork revolves around the framework of nature built of many shapes and patterns. These repetitive forms can be found from micro to macro scale allowing for endless connections seen and unseen. Together ultimately making up our reality and setting the stage of our human experience. Thomas seeks to show these connections to his viewers in an effort to expand the mind. Revealing previously hidden truths that lay not far out of reach when shown the related elements that exist all around us. 

  Continually looking to build his skills Thomas has worked for Gil Bruvel producing art and design, produced monumental bronze sculpture at the Grapevine Foundry, and has shown his work in a number of shows and galleries. Using these experiences Thomas is currently building a new body of work that has slowly evolved out of previous projects. Looking to showcase a growth in skill and self exploration it is his goal these works will also mark a new era in his art career. 

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